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How Cannanomics trickledown could look in Tennessee

As many more states come online with medical and recreational cannabis, we have seen an upward trend of new business growth, investments, new spending demands, increased tax revenues, low-skilled worker pay gains, as well as numerous other effects. As a new cannabis industry emerges in Tennessee, we delve into a few subtopics that we believe will be crucial selling points as we continue to advocate for cannabis industry establishment in a state that has been traditionally anti-cannabis. One of the more obvious benefits that the state will see, will come in the form of economic trickledown or as we like to call it, Cannanomics.


The need for education and training becomes a demand as hundreds of jobs arise on the market. Universities and trade schools will be able to benefit from enrollment numbers going up to serve this demand. Which also means more attractive schools and competitive tuition programs concerning the curriculum needed to educate in the cannabis industry.

The workforce

So what does this mean for unskilled or low-skilled workers? This gives a potential to get the state to drive into a certificate program and or add new curriculum in our Universities. With new studies and training viable this would allow Tennessee to retain an house employment stream, thus allowing workers to earn more wages in the end. We could even potentially assert that even certain crimes statistics would be reduced with workers retaining more pay.

Supporting Business

What does this mean for other businesses? Traditionally those who work lower paying jobs are less likely to spend much money back into the market. With higher paying gains they would now be able to spend more money back into the stream. Supporting Food establishments, entertainment, and other various retail business.

As the industry grows the need for these businesses will also open jobs and revenues.

Glass Manufacturing


Paper Industry


Logistics and Transportation





Automation technologies

Harvesting technology


As the industry grows the need for education and training will also open




Plant Sciences





Mental Health Studies

In closing, we believe these topics outline how the economic, education, and workforce systems will benefit once this move is made for legalization. These topics should be a conversation both in public and across our social media platforms. It's time to put a fresh perspective on cannabis discussion. A new Tennessee might just be right around the corner. We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to leave a comment on our blog and or social media.

I <3 TN, John Dietz

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