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Tennessee Welcomes Cannabis

We recently received language from Senator Janice Bowling's office willing to introduce a proposed bill for the legalization of medical cannabis. Throughout our readings and findings we hope this bill would pass and, not only help create a medical relief for patients across the State of Tennessee but, deliver up jobs and tax revenue needed for our state. Please find below a copy of the draft language, ( which it is in fact a draft ) many times amendments may be placed on bills, and or languages tweaked before being sent up for consideration. Nonetheless this is huge for our state and in my opinion needed years ago.

Medical Cannabis 2021 Draft
Download PDF • 2.04MB

Personally, I hope this gives our state some sense of relief that 2021 will be a better year not only for those who need it. But in fact a better year for job growth, sustainability, medical and scientifically driven research. If you wanted a tiny miracle for this year, for some this may be it.

What you can do in the meantime...

Emailing and calling your representatives offices and asking them to support passing of a medical cannabis bill for 2021 would be a great grassroots effort. The more calls, emails, and testimonies that they have on file will help move this across the finish line.

If you are unaware of who your legislators are in your area please look here:


Please stay tuned to the blog as I update and give more information on this and many other topics. I wanted the first post to be as memorable as it could be for a new year.

I <3 TN, John Dietz

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